HTEC: One Consultants’ Way of Working

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My Two Cents

This is, by no means, a definitive way of working as a consultant. Everything I am about to say in this article is subjective and based on my own personal experience.

For Those Who Can’t Cereal

Decoding The Cereal Numbers

Cereal Number 1: Cereal Cravings (Idea Conception)

Cereal Number 2: Ingredient Check (Situation Breakdown)

Cereal Number 3: Supermarket Run (Initial Planning)

Cereal Number 4: Endless Options (Resource Prioritization)

Cereal Number 5: Who’s Right? (Preference Analysis)

Cereal Number 6: Cereal Status: Done (Task Completion)

Cereal Number 7: Squeaky Clean Dishes (Smooth Consultancy)

What Do YOU think of HTEC?

Software Engineer at Blue Harvest

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