Don’t Get Lost In The Sauce — Vol I: The Sauce Saga Begins

The Sauce: An Origin Story

One day, I was just talking to my friend, explaining a bunch of things all at the same time, it was a stressful time. After I talked with him for nearly an hour, he looks at me with the goofiest smile ever and says “Hey man, just remember, don’t get lost in the sauce.” Needless to say, I quietly took my bag and left that room with one thought in mind “That man is nuts”. I mean humor me here. I talk to the guy for an hour and his advice is not getting lost in the sauce?!

Anyways, time passes, this guy and I are still friends, but I stopped asking him for serious advice, for obvious reasons. We start having different lives and time goes on. But, two weeks ago, a friend of mine asks for my advice and out of nowhere, I instinctively say “Hey man, just… don’t get lost in the sauce”. And then it hit me. I knew exactly what my friend meant when he told me that and, I am going to be very frank with you, to this day, this is the best piece of advice I have ever gotten from someone.

So guys, without further ado, welcome to my new series “Don’t Get Lost In The Sauce”. Let me explain more what it’s about, and also give you a reasonable ending to that little story I just told you guys. Enjoy!

How Do You Get Lost In The Sauce?

After all this rambling, here’s a proper way to describe why I am writing this. I feel that sometimes, you read articles that are very well-written, edited a 1000 times before its published, and quite frankly, articles that are filtered more than a top-shelf vodka. I find that to be quite artificial sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I write technical blogs as well and I am thankful they are reviewed and edited, you wouldn’t believe the typos and technical errors I have in there before I review it for the millionth time.

But this is different. This is a lifestyle blog series. This is one human being, spreading their thoughts to other human beings. Thoughts about world views, morality, real-life situations, lobster recipes, you name it. Consider this a public chalkboard. I am going to be writing my thoughts on here, hoping that maybe one of them really resonates with you. Maybe even hoping that one of the things I write helps you out in your daily life activities. But mainly hoping that something I write helps you from getting lost in the sauce.

The Rubber Duck Effect

The rubber duck effect is this weird phenomenon that happens when you start speaking out loud to someone or something, but suddenly, you find the answer you’ve been looking for as you are bouncing the idea of someone else. They don’t even have to respond at all to what you are saying. You can literally be talking to a rubber duck and find answers just by having this out loud thinking process.

I might be sounding crazy right now but hear me out. This is all very beneficial to the story I mentioned in the beginning.

We ended the story at me connecting the dots. Here are the dots I connected:

1- I had a very overwhelming time, and I was very unorganized. I did not know what to prioritize and how to do so

2- I was told to not get lost in the sauce, I ignored that rather than listening to what my friend had to say.

3- Two years later I advise my friend the same thing but instead he listens to what I have to say

4- You know that feeling when you just know what something means and it just pops up in the right moment? That’s when it hit me. The true meaning of what it’s like to not get lost in the sauce. Don’t get lost in the sauce means:

  • Don’t forget what’s important.

This is a very important list to remember. This will be the basis of everything else to come.

And here I thought that my friend was crazy! He was a genius! That is exactly what I had to do at that moment. I was too overwhelmed with all the topics on my mind, I could not prioritize what issue to tackle first, and I genuinely did lose myself in the process of trying to do both these tasks! And at THAT MOMENT with my other friend, I saw a little bit of myself. The chaos, the lack of organization. And I wanted to help him avoid the same mistake that I did. Sometimes, it’s good to hear an opinion from someone else, to reinforce the one you already have, or to even show you other options you didn’t know were possible. Let me be your talking rubber duck!

Listen, man/woman/random cat sleeping on top of the keyboard, I am not an expert in most things in life, but specifically not an expert in giving the right advice. But I am still going to keep writing because out of every 100 things I say, one thing might stick with you. I will write about things that I think are annoying, things I like, things I think should happen more often, things I think are helpful, just things in general.

Consider me the madman with access to a Medium account and internet, or even consider me the Sauce Avoidance Guru with elevated knowledge. But, whatever you call me, remember man, just don't get lost in the sauce!

I hope this was the chaotic intro blog you expected when you clicked on that title! Stay tuned for more, and if there’s something you want me to talk about, let me know in the comments! Till next time!

Software Engineer at Blue Harvest

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