The best thing about this picture? You think it’s irrelevant, but you’d be surprised


Treat the following blog as you would a fiction novel. How? Don’t take it for face value and just imagine a world where all this is possible. Enjoy the blog.



I have none actually. I just enjoy putting this at the beginning of my blogs

I Can I Just Don't Want To

  • One, You know that in the past two months or so I got 3 certifications
  • Two, you already know my stance on certifications as an institution


Unicorns are fictional characters that where once created by stories, but continue to live on through job postings

Once Upon A Time

Red Carpet

Spare Time

My Two Cents

This is, by no means, a definitive way of working as a consultant. Everything I am about to say in this article is subjective and based on my own personal experience.

That’s you. Getting Lost in the Sauce. So let me help you

Too much sauce

You are here!

After all, you don’t want…

The Sauce: An Origin Story

Let’s Talk Trees

Sherief Shahin

Software Engineer at Blue Harvest

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